Using GaussSense Desktop with Scratch 2 Offline Editor

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GaussSense Desktop brings Mini GaussSense into your Scratch projects on both Mac OS X and Windows. You could easily access data from Mini GaussSense with Scratch 2 Offline Editor with its HTTP extension feature.

πŸ™‹πŸΌ Before starting, please connect an Arduino Board with Mini GaussSense and upload the Arduino firmware to the board πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Head First Mini GaussSense.

1. Preparing GaussSense Desktop

Please set up your GaussSense Desktop and Mini GaussSense following First Steps with GaussSense Desktop

2. Importing GaussSense Scratch HTTP Extension

Please download the ⬇️ GaussSense Scratch HTTP Extension. (file type: s2e)

In Scratch 2, hold Shift key and click File β†’ Import experimental HTTP extension (this item will not shows up without the Shift key) to import the GaussSense Extension just downloaded.

You could check if GaussSense (50100) is connected in the More Blocks section. (Green light for successful connection or red light otherwise.)

3. GaussSense Example for Scratch

Download the ⬇️ GaussSense Scratch Example (file type: sb2) or go to GaussSense Playground and start building your own project!

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