Setting up Arduino Development Environment

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Arduino is an open-source micro-controller development platform that allows us to connect electronic devices, such as LED, servo motor, button, or sensor and build the features we want. In this tutorial you will learn how to set up the Arduino Software (IDE) on your computer and connect it to an Arduino board.

Install the Arduino Software

Get the latest version from the Arduino download page: The page provides install files for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux as shown below. Download the install file of your operating system.

Open file after downloading and proceed with the installation. (You could also take a look at the official documents for Windows, Mac, and Linux.)

Use the Arduino Software

Before starting, connect the Arduino board to your computer using the USB cable. The green power LED should go on. Open the Arduino application in your computer. Click Tools and select your Board and the correct Port. The port connecting to an Arduino board would usually start with “/dev/cu.usbmodem”. The following picture shows the Arduino Software in Mac OS X.

When finished writing, click the Verify button on the upper-left corner to check if the code compiles correctly. Then, upload the program to your Arduino board with the Upload button beside. You will see both RX and TX LEDs blinking on the Arduino board.

A message “Done uploading” will show at the bottom of the application after the upload completes.

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