Setting up Processing Development Environment

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Processing is a software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code. Its technology enables us to build creative interactive and visual design works. While Processing simplifies the use of Java, its nature of visualization makes writing Processing programs easier to pick up for not only developers, but also designers, artists, and many others.

Install the Processing IDE

You will need an IDE program (Integrated Development Environment) to start using Processing.
Get the latest version from the Processing download page:

Select the correct version for your operating system.

Unzip the downloaded file and then click on the “processing” program. You should be able to run Processing without installation.
- For Windows, it is recommended to move the program file to D:\processing\
- For GNU/Linux, move it to /usr/local/processing/
- For Mac OS X, move it to /Applications/

Processing: Sketch

Every Processing project is a sketch, just like we pencil it with the language of Processing. Luckily, there are multiple built-in examples that could help us understand sketch files. On the menu bar, click File > Examples…

In Java Examples, open Basic > Input > Mouse2D example. You will see two main functions: setup() and draw() in the sketch file. Hit the Run button to run this program.

Processing Library: GaussSense SDK for Processing

GaussSense SDK for Processing is a Processing library that brings easy access to the features of GaussSense. It also consists of plenty sketch examples upon which we could build or integrate projects with rich interactions. The next tutorial will introduce how to install GaussSense SDK in the Processing IDE.

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